How a SSD Hearing is Handled and Conducted

In its official regulations, the Social Security Administration does not go into great detail regarding social Court security disability hearing procedures. The SSA states that the administrative law judge (ALJ) considers the issues, questions the claimant and witnesses and accepts relevant documents into evidence. It also notes that during such hearings, the ALJ may accept evidence that wouldn’t normally be admissible under standard rules of evidence.

Each ALJ has his own way of handling and conducting a hearing. For instance, an ALJ may elect to use a different procedure for a claimant who isn’t represented by a Waterloo social security disability attorney as opposed to one who has representation. How might such a hearing differ? A few examples include:
  • The degree to which the claimant is questioned
  • The content and length of the opening statement by your Waterloo social security disability lawyer
  • Witnesses may be allowed to stay in the room while the claimant testifies or may be asked to stay in the waiting room
  • The claimant may be questioned by the ALJ either before or after he is questioned by his Waterloo social security disability attorney

Before worrying about how your hearing will go, it’s crucial to line up the right representation. For help with your SSDI case, contact Hugh Field, a Waterloo Social Security Disability attorney, at (855) 801-1633.