Your Waterloo Disability Lawyer Explains Your Disability Hearing

If your initial application for disability benefits has been denied, the next step is to request a hearing. GavelYour Waterloo disability lawyer will ensure that you are well-prepared by going over the information below in more detail.

At the Hearing
Your Waterloo disability attorney will be with you at the hearing. When you arrive, you will see that it is held in a small conference room. You and your attorney, along with any witnesses and the judge’s assistant, will sit at a table together. The judge will have his or her own separate desk.

Recording the Hearing
Remember that your hearing will be recorded. Your Waterloo disability lawyer will advise you to speak clearly and loud enough for the judge to hear you. Always use words rather than gestures or mumbles when giving your testimony.

Finding a Waterloo Disability Attorney
The information above is meant to give you a basic idea of what to expect from the hearing. There are several additional important details that your Waterloo disability lawyer will go over with you as you prepare together. For this reason, it is important to find an experienced attorney who can answer any questions you may have and ensure that you fully understand the hearing process. For more information, call Hugh Field today at (855) 801-1633.