How Hugh Field Will Get Your Doctor Ready for Testimony

doctor advising patient

It is important for your Waterloo SSI lawyer to develop a good working relationship with your doctor. This person will have the most to say about your disability. Whether that information is communicated through video depositions, written statements or testimony in front of the judge, it is vital that everyone is on the same page. If this is the first time your doctor has been involved in a disability claim, then your Waterloo SSI attorney will make sure they understand what is expected of them.

Objective Medical Findings

As your lawyer will explain, objective medical findings are extremely important for your claim. These are the findings that aren’t in dispute or open to misdiagnosis. The challenge for your doctor is to make the correlation between things like x-rays and muscle aches. Often it will be hard to connect those two findings. However, your attorney will be able to guide your doctor as to how to convey that information.

The best thing your doctor can do is to ask about your limitations. This doesn’t mean agreeing with everything you claim. They need to base their findings on their professional experience.

Working Together With Your Waterloo SSI lawyer

The process to file a Social Security Disability benefits claims could be a long one. Fortunately, your Waterloo SSI lawyer will be with you during every step along the way. Hugh Field has years of experience working with the SSI. To see if he can help with your claim, call his offices today at (855) 801-1633.

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