An Iowa Disability Lawyer Lists Witness Questions

In this short blog, a Waterloo disability lawyer illustrates how a witness might be questioned in a HearingSocial Security disability case.

Your Iowa disability lawyer might raise questions that have to do with:

Ease or Problems With Walking

  • Have you noticed whether or not the claimant can walk comfortably?
  • Can the claimant walk any distance without stopping? How far? Please express the distance in city blocks, if possible. How long, in minutes, does a rest break last?

Hand and Arm Motion

  • Does the claimant show any problems with using his hands? His arms? You will need to describe what you have seen for your Iowa disability attorney; and
  • What about dropping things? Have you seen this? Please describe.

Physical Suffering

  • Has the claimant ever indicated that his condition pains him?
  • How often?
  • What indications has he shown?

How Fast Claimant Tires

  • How long can the claimant remain active before fatigue takes over? What might cause the claimant to succumb to fatigue? How long must he rest?

Rate Of Activity

  • Have you seen a difference between how quickly the claimant does various activities and how fast a non-disabled person might do the same thing? Your Iowa disability lawyer will ask the witness to describe the differences as accurately as possible; and
  • Can you make this comparison in a percentage format? What is your estimate?

Psychological Symptoms

  • Your Iowa disability attorney will wish to determine the mental and emotional state of the claimant by asking about any signs of distractedness, self-imposed isolation, sudden or prolonged bursts of tears, forgetfulness, etc.; and
  • What is the extent and frequency of such episodes?

Be Prepared
If you are involved in a disability case, your Iowa disability lawyer can help you prepare for questioning. Call Hugh Field at (855) 801-1633.