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SSD Appeals Process in Iowa

Hugh Helps With Applying for Disability in Iowa 

If you are facing a debilitating illness or injury, receiving a denial of disability benefits from the Social Security Administration can seem like an insurmountable obstacle that you have neither the experience nor energy to handle.

If you recently received a denial, contact an Iowa Social Security disability attorney as quickly as possible to start on your appeal.

Be advised that the SSA provides claimants with a limited amount of time within which to file an appeal. If you miss the deadline, you could lose your rights to a second or third review – which will require you to start the application process from scratch.

Understanding the Disability Denial Letter from SSA

If you have applied for Social Security Disability benefits and been denied, it is important to discuss 

  • Non-severe medical condition - In order to qualify for benefits, you must show that the medical condition you suffered from was serious enough.
  • Ability to continue to work - Your ability to work is a significant consideration when making a determination for SSA benefits. If you are still able to do your job, you may not be considered.
  • Doesn't meet an impairment listing - Your disability must be classified under the SSA's list of impairments that can be found here.

If your application has been denied on the basis of anything listed above, you do not need to lose hope. The appeals process is a common step taken for successful applicants. You also don't have to go at it alone. Our firm is here to help you through the process each step of the way. Even if appealing your letter is a step.

How to Apply For a Reconsideration Following a Claim Denial

The first step after the initial denial is to apply for a reconsideration. With the help of our team at Beecher, Field, Walker, Morris, Hoffman & Johnson, PC you will resubmit the materials you submitted in the first instance for review by a group of reviewing agents who did not participate in your evaluation the first time.

You may submit additional medical evidence only if such evidence was not available to you at the time of your initial application. At this stage, you may choose whether to work with an Iowa Social Security disability attorney or file for a reconsideration on your own as this level of appeal is usually straightforward and minimally difficult.

How Much Time Do You Have to Appeal a Social Security Disability Denial?

You have 60 days after you receive the notice of the decision on your claim to ask for any type of appeal. The letter contains guidance on what level of appeal you should select.

There are four levels of appeal:

  • Reconsideration. This includes a complete re-evaluation of your claim
  • If a reconsideration of your claim is denied, a hearing by an administrative law judge (ALJ) will take place. The judge will look over your case again. ALJs usually grant 50% of the appeals that come to them.
  • If your claim is still not accepted, it is sent to be reviewed by the Appeals Council. Usually, most claims are accepted if there were procedure issues.
  • If your claim was not approved by the Appeals Council, it is sent to the Federal Court for review. For the court hearing regarding your claim you will need an attorney representative.

Hugh is here to help you throughout all the levels of the appeal process. Call us today to talk to an experienced SSD attorney who is more than happy to look over your case!

How Long Does an SSD Appeal Take?

The SSD appeal process may take anywhere from several months to one to two years, especially if multiple levels of appeals are necessary for your situation. Even scheduling an administrative hearing and receiving a decision may take over a year because the judge typically takes several months to issue a decision after the hearing is held.

Unfortunately, there are no ways to expedite the appeal, however, it is important to avoid mistakes to ensure that you avoid unnecessary delays. If you need to appeal an SSD denial, be sure to work with an Iowa SSD appeal attorney – the guidance can be invaluable.

How Our Iowa Social Security Disability Firm Can Help

If your administrative hearing resulted in another denial, you may file an appeal with the Appeals Council. The Council will review the documents involved in your case to make a determination of disability. If you are unsuccessful, you and your Iowa Social Security disability attorney can make a final appeal by filing a lawsuit in federal District Court.

If you are in need of benefits from SSA, we want to help you get them. It is not only our job, but our mission to help you get the acceptance letter to help after your debilitating situation.

Maximize Your Chances of Winning Your Social Security Disability Appeal

At Beecher, Field, Walker, Morris, Hoffman & Johnson, PC, our experienced team of attorneys is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex process of appealing a Social Security Disability denial. We understand that being denied benefits can be frustrating and overwhelming, but we are here to fight for your rights and maximize your chances of winning your appeal.

Here's how our Iowa SSD appeal attorney can help:

  • Thoroughly review your denial letter: Our Iowa social security disability appeal attorneys will carefully analyze the reasons for your denial and identify any errors or missing information that can be addressed in your appeal.
  • Gather strong supporting evidence: We will work closely with you to gather all necessary medical records, expert opinions, and other evidence to build a compelling case for your disability.
  • Prepare a persuasive appeal: Our skilled attorneys will craft a well-written and comprehensive appeal, addressing all relevant legal arguments and presenting your case in the strongest possible light.
  • Represent you at hearings: If your appeal progresses to a hearing, our attorneys will represent you before the Administrative Law Judge, advocating for your rights and presenting your case effectively.
  • Stay updated throughout the process: We will keep you informed about the status of your appeal, answer any questions you may have, and provide guidance and support every step of the way.

Don't go through the Social Security Disability appeals process alone. Contact us today and let our experienced attorneys fight for the benefits you deserve.

Need help with the SSD appeals process? Contact us today for a free consultation with a social security disability lawyer near you!

Common Social Security Disability Appeal Questions

Can I submit additional medical evidence during the reconsideration stage of the appeal process?

You may submit additional medical evidence only if such evidence was not available to you at the time of your initial application.

Do Not Wait to Add Experience to Your Side

Do You Need a Lawyer to Appeal?

Even if you choose to forgo working with Hugh during the reconsideration phase, it is highly recommended that you work with a lawyer during the administrative hearing stage of the appeals process. If you received a denial after the reconsideration, you may then apply for a hearing before an administrative law judge.

The hearing will involve testimony from vocational or medical expert, as well as witnesses who are familiar with your disability and the way it places limitations on your life and ability to work. Your attorney will ask you and other witnesses specific questions about your injury or illness. The judge may also ask you questions as well.

Appealing a disability denial? For more information on the SSD appeals process, call Hugh Field today at (855) 801-1633 or contact us online.


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