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Working While Receiving Benefits

Our Iowa Social Security Disability Lawyer Explains

The overall premise behind receiving disability benefits from the Social Security Administration hinges on the notion you are too ill or injured to continue working and earning an income.

That being said, it is also possible, and common, for benefits recipients to work part-time while disabled – however, the SSA will likely reduce the benefits amount or otherwise impose a penalty on the recipient.

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An Iowa Social Security Disability lawyer is the best person to speak to about:

  • what penalties or adjustments you can expect
  • or if you are already receiving benefits and have questions about how part-time employment will impact your monthly payment

What Is the Trial Work Period?

In order to qualify for benefits in the first place, your illness or injury must be likely to last long-term (i.e., in excess of 12 months). If you begin to feel able to work while still receiving benefits, the SSA encourages beneficiaries to try part-time employment for a short period of time to see if it is possible.

As your Iowa disability lawyer will discuss with you, the SSA gives you nine months to readjust to working without incurring a penalty. A “month” is considered any calendar month wherein you earn greater than $750 at your job.

It does not matter how much you earn or how many hours you work during the trial period – your benefits amount will remain unaffected. After the trial work period, you may continue to work without incurring a penalty for up to 36 months provided your earnings are not “substantial.” “Substantial earnings” means earnings in excess of $1,040 per month.

What Are the Penalties to Your SSD Benefits?

If you are receiving SSI disability benefits and are earning money from a job, the first $85 you earn from your job is not penalized.

Your Waterloo disability lawyer will help you calculate the penalties incurred thereafter, but in general, you will lose $.50 from your SSI payments for every dollar you earn at your job after the $85 deduction.

For instance, if your SSI payment is $500 each month and you earn $300 each month from your job, the SSA will deduct $107.50 from your monthly payment, leaving you with $392.50 in SSI benefits.

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