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Don’t be discouraged if your application for Social Security benefits has been denied. After an initial denial of Social Security benefits and Iowa’s reconsideration stage, the next step in the appeals process is an administrative hearing. Iowa administrative hearing attorney Hugh Field represents clients in all phases of the process, from the initial application to appeals.

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Administrative Hearings

An administrative law judge will preside over your hearing. During the hearing, you have the opportunity to present the facts to the judge and your attorney may interview witnesses and experts, if necessary. Our Iowa administrative hearing lawyer will prepare your case to ensure that the facts of your situation are clearly and concisely presented to the administrative law judge.

At the hearing, your lawyer will:

  • Ask you questions about details of your illness

  • Question you about your average day to show why you are unable to work

  • Question any witnesses

  • Question experts, if necessary

Vocational experts are sometimes called to testify at administrative hearings. This is determined by the administrative law judge. During the hearing, the judge may ask the vocational expert hypothetical questions about a person with an illness or condition like yours working a similar job. Your Iowa administrative hearing attorney will work to ensure that the testimony isn’t too technical or that the expert does not answer questions outside of his or her area of expertise.

Get Legal Help for Your Appeal

Social Security Disability attorney Hugh Field has represented numerous clients at administrative hearings. We will work with you to prepare for the hearing, including interviewing any possible witnesses and getting opinions of experts, when appropriate. We can explain the appeals process, including the administrative hearing, and answer any questions you may have during a free consultation.

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If you are unable to continue working due to an injury or disability, it is important to remember that you have options. Attorney Hugh Field works tirelessly to ensure that you and your family have access to the resources you need. Whether you are applying for the first time and need help filling out the proper paperwork, or you have been denied and are looking for guidance through the appeals process, our Iowa disability lawyer is committed to providing high-quality legal services.

Hugh Field offers his services, backed by over 50 years of experience, to clients in Waterloo and beyond. He has a comprehensive knowledge of the laws surrounding Social Security Disability and can help clients to navigate this complex environment with deft skill. He takes great pride in the assistance he is able to provide clients and works tirelessly to help families live normal lives following disability or injury.