Disability Hearings and Medical Evidence

One of the most important aspects of your disability hearing is the medical evidence. Your Waterloo HearingSocial Security disability attorney can help explain your condition by asking you questions and by presenting evidence that supports your disability.

Evidence Presented to the Judge

Your Waterloo Social Security disability attorney may present a variety of information to the administrative law judge. For example, he or she may gather documents that show when you sought care from doctors’ offices, clinics and hospitals. Medical records may be gathered from all of these locations. Other documents may include letters from medical providers that describe your condition and your limitations. Additionally, your Waterloo Social Security disability lawyer will create exhibits with these medical records.

Questions From the Judge

The administrative law judge may ask you a few questions regarding your medical history. He or she may ask about the frequency of treatment that you have received, medications that you have taken along with the timing and dosage of this medication and whether you have been affected by any side effects. Additionally, your Waterloo Social Security disability attorney may explain that you should be prepared to answer questions regarding the symptoms that you have experienced as well as the treatment that you have received thus far. However, you should not feel that you have to use technical jargon to explain your condition.

If you would like more information about the type of medical evidence that can be presented at your disability hearing, contact Hugh Field at (855) 801-1633.