Disability Hearings and Medical Evidence

The most important aspect of your disability case is the medical evidence. When you come to my office, I will discuss with you your situation and determine whether I believe that your medical condition, as you relay it to me, is going to result in a determination that you are disabled.

We will present all medical evidence that we are aware of involving you to the Administrative Law Judge. We will gather documents from your doctor’s office, clinic and hospital. Other documents may include opinion letters from your providers, which describe your condition and limitations. We will submit this evidence to the Social Security Administration.

I often tell my client’s, that it is medical evidence that wins your case, not my good looks or winning personality. Neither of these are my strong point. My opinion is, that the more evidence we get, the more treatment you get for your medical condition and the willingness of your physician to be helpful to you in your Social Security case, is how our cases are won.

If you would like more information on the type of evidence that will be presented at your hearing and how it is critical in proving your case, please contact Hugh Field at 855-801-1633.