FAQ: How Will My Doctor's Opinion Affect My Case?

When preparing your claim for Social Security disability benefits, your north eastern Iowa disability attorney might want to have your primary treating doctor provide an opinion or explanation to go with your claim and explain why you are disabled. Here are some questions that you or your doctor might have about this:

Isn’t my doctor’s opinion about my ability to perform work activities very subjective?

Yes. But that’s OK. The Social Security Administration knows that disability claimants have a wide range of symptoms that are often difficult to quantify and that many symptoms are subjective. Your north eastern Iowa disability attorney might ask your doctor for his or her opinion about the nature and severity of your symptoms, what functionality you still have despite your limitations and any mental or physical restrictions you have that prevent you from working. It is a professional judgment as to whether your symptoms can be attributed to a medical diagnosis, and whether they match up with the medical findings you have.

Should my doctor use an “average person test” to decide if my limitations are reasonable?

No, this test is not considered appropriate by the Social Security Administration and your north eastern Iowa disability lawyer will advise your doctor against using it. Some symptoms affect some people more severely than they affect others. A person with low back problems may be capable of performing some medium work activity, but another patient with the same problems may be in so much pain that he is effectively incapacitated.

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