The Average Social Security Disability Benefit.

If we are able to win your case for Social Security Disability, you can expect to receive a disability payment each month. These payments are ordinarily made by automatic funds transfer to your bank account. The amount is “based on a calculation of earnings across the workers lifetime, just like with Social Security Retirement Benefits. The average monthly benefit for disabled workers receiving Social Security Disability is estimated to be $1,258.00 for 2020.”

You can receive Social Security Disability benefits until you reach retirement age for so long as you remain disabled. You should be aware, that Social Security does do what are called “Continuing Disability Reviews”. If your condition improves, it could be determined by Social Security that you are no longer disabled and your payments could be suspended. If such an occurrence does occur, it is possible to appeal that determination and go through the same process that you went through in receiving your benefits initially.

Supplemental Social Security payments for 2019 were $771 per month and for 2020 are $783. This amount is a adjusted for public benefits received for food and housing assistance.