How Can a Doctor Influence a Social Security Disability Case?

social security disability doctor consultation

If you are debating to apply or Social Security Disability benefits, it is wise to consult a doctor. However, the doctor’s exams are sometimes limited and does not always provide an accurate picture of the limitations that a person deals with due to their disability. A Waterloo disability lawyer will help a doctor understand how to handle a Social Security disability case.

How a Doctor’s Concerns About Saying the Wrong Thing Will Be Assuaged

In a Social Security disability case, doctors are often worried about saying something that will harm a patient’s case. This can include saying that the patient can do certain forms of activities that will indicate an ability to work. A North Waterloo disability attorney will explain that a doctor’s belief may not be the only method to receive the benefits they need.

Doctors Should Not Exaggerate

A doctor who says that a patient’s issues are worse than they are will do more harm than good. This will call into question all the doctor’s statements when a decision is made as to whether the patient will receive Social Security disability benefits. We will provide you with unbiased guidance and representation if your application is denied in the initial stage of the application process.

What Happens When a Patient is Believed Capable of Working?

Age is a significant factor is a Social Security disability case. For patients older than 50, there are a number of jobs the patient can do and still receive disability benefits. The attorney might be trying to use both physical and mental issues to receive benefits. The physical issues won’t have to be as debilitating to win.

Contact a Qualified Waterloo Disability Lawyer

Medical records are an important aspect of your Social Security Disability case and can determine if you will receive the benefits you deserve.

If you have questions about how a doctor can influence a case, call our Waterloo disability attorney, Hugh Field today at (855) 801-1633 for a consultation

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