Who Is Eligible for Social Security Disability & Supplemental Social Security Benefits?

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Social Security Disability and Supplemental Social Security Benefits

To qualify for Social Security Disability you need to meet the Social Security definition for disability and you need to have earned enough work credits. You can earn a maximum of four credits for each year you work.

In order to qualify, you will need 20 credits in the last ten years before you become disabled. Younger workers may qualify even though they have fewer credits.

In order to qualify for Supplemental Social Security, you have to have limitations in your income and assets. The SSI program is intended for people who do not have sufficient assets to otherwise support themselves. You are limited to the amount of cash you can have on hand and property that you may own. You may, however, own a car or your home.

As we have discussed in other blog’s, you need to meet the disability requirements of Social Security. This essentially means that you must be unable to do any kind of work because of a medically determinable impairment which has lasted or can be expected to last for a year or more on continuous basis.

Unfortunately, there are times because of lack of work credits and household income or assets that a person may not qualify for either program.

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