Questions About Shortness of Breath in a Social Security Disability Hearing

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Hugh Field will explain the kinds of questions that will be asked if you suffer from shortness of breath.

Hugh Will Prepared You to Answer Questions About Being Short of Breath. The following kinds of questions might be asked.

When do you begin feeling shortness of breath? Is it when you:

  • Feel pain in your chest?
  • Suffer from congestion in the lungs?
  • Experience symptoms of asthma?
  • Experience changes in the weather?
  • Suffer from allergic symptoms?

Hugh Will Ask Other Questions About Shortness of Breath. Hugh might ask:

  • How do you feel when you suffer from shortness of breath?
  • Are there a finite number of stairs you can climb before shortness of breath sets in?
  • How fast and far are you able to walk?
  • What is the frequency of your breathing issues?
  • How frequently do you have to stay home from work because of these issues?
  • Would you need extra break time at work and how often?
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