Income Computations for Trial Work Period

In some cases, a claimant may be able to return to work while still receiving Social Security disability Social Security Benefits benefits. Your Waterloo Social Security disability lawyer can inform you of the process involved if you return to work.

Trial Work Period Service

This is the monthly amount that you make must be under a certain value in order for you not to trigger the trial work period service provisions.

Gross Income

Your Waterloo Social Security disability lawyer can explain that the Social Security Administration uses your gross income in determining if your income is under the pertinent amount. This income is not averaged over a certain period of time, and you cannot deduct anything from the amount to make it fall below the trial work period services monthly amount.

Working Less Than the Level of Substantial Gainful Activity

For this amount, your Waterloo Social Security disability attorney can explain that your gross income will be averaged. You can subtract certain benefits, such as vacation and sick pay. Additionally, you can subtract certain expenses that accrue so that you can treat your impairment. Additional expenses may also be deductible, too. All of these deductions help to decrease your reported income so that it falls below the level of substantial gainful activity level. However, it may be recommended that you stay well below the guideline level to avoid any risk of losing your benefits.

If you would like more information on your ability to earn income while receiving benefits, contact Waterloo Social Security disability lawyer Hugh Field by calling (855) 801-1633.